These are the faces of our Hands of Hope faculty, coordinators and mentors.  Our volunteers are dedicated to our students and make Hands of Hope a helpful, caring organization. 





Lead Coordinator

Charlotte Evans

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Charlotte Evans is a wife, mother, grandmother, and retired educator.  She began with Hands of Hope in 2010 as a mentor, co-coordinator, and now Lead Coordinator.  Charlotte loves God and has a heart for women.

Advisory Council - Chairwoman

Melesa Yager

Advisory Council (Co-Secretary)

Judy Aswell

Advisory Council (Co-Secretary)

Linda Alexander

Advisory Council (Treasurer)

Sean Crowder

Advisory Council

Debbie Hill

Founding Member/Advisory Council

Nova Festervan

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In 2005, Nova Festervan was one of the foundesr of San Marcos Christian Women's Job Corps, now known as Hands of Hope.  She served as Site Coordinator until 2012 and now serves on the Advisory Council.

Advisory Council/Faculty - Language Arts

Jan Koger

Advisory Council

Dee Dee Winfield

Advisory Council

Mittie Miller

Advisory Council

Chris Luna

Faculty - Ethics and Math

Dr. Rosie Morris

Faculty - Communication

Gayle Morris

Faculty - Zumba

Debbie Harvey

Faculty - Writing

Susan Puffer

Faculty - Bait of Satan

JoAnn Lipscomb

Faculty -- Bible Study

Judy Renick

Faculty--Bible Study

Lolly Garza


Mary Gilfus

Faculty - Art

Catherine Lotz

Faculty - Health & Nutrition

Dr. Sue Thompson

Faculty - Money Management

Linda Finch

Co-Coordinator/Faculty - The Success Principle

Marilyn Johnson

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Marilyn is, among other things, a woman of faith, a teacher, an Air Force wife, and a mother.  She served as mentor coordinator for several years establishing a first rate training program.  Now she is a Co-Coordinator and a faculty member, teaching a weekly class on getting organized.   

Marilyn's goals are "helping women be successful and empowering them to help determine their and their children's futures so each generation can be better than the last."


Christine Weckerly

Mentor Coordinator/Faculty - Language Arts

Rose Ann Bilodeau

Website/CoCoordinator/Faculty-Skills to Pay the Bills

Kathy Galinger

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Kathy Galinger is a mother, grandmother, retired teacher and a Navy veteran.  She is a co-coordinator and manages the website and our Facebook page.  During Spring 2019 she will join the faculty.

Mentor/Faculty - ESL

Rosa Adalpe


LaDean Williamson


Rosa Wallace


Sue Gruver


Barbara Major


Millie Crowell


Ruby Oakes


Carol Sullivan


Maudeena Dunn


Linda Rivera

Publicity Coordinator/Faculty - Personal Discovery

Terri Clamons

Terri is a bundle of energy.  She is not only the Hands of Hope Publicity Coordinator and a member of our faculty, she is also the immediate past Chairwoman of our Advisory Council.  She makes the rest of us tired just watching her work.  She is a blessing to us all.

Lunch Hostess/Transportation

Debbie Ruiz

Debbie is such a blessing to Hands of Hope.  She has been a student and helped with childcare. She currently provides transportation and helps with serving meals each day to the class.  She is a living example of giving back.

Meal Coordinator

Dr. Evelyn Barrett

Dr. Barrett took over meal coordination several years ago and continues to solicit and organize volunteers. Her attention to detail and continual follow up ensures plentiful, nutritous daily lunches for our students and faculty. 

Lunch Coordinator

Beverly Marek

  July 2021