Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities


Since there are no paid positions, we are blessed to be able to offer Hands of Hope tuition-free to our participants.  There are many opportunities to become involved in Hands of Hope


Site Coordinators   These volunteers have direct contact with the participants, instructors, mentors, volunteers, donors and advisory council members.  They facilitate the ministry.  Life experiences, education, training, personal interests and spiritual gifts combine to prepare one for this role.  National Certification Training for Site Coordinators helps to equip the site coordinator with the information necessary to make Hands of Hope a healthy ministry.


Faculty   Our faculty members are certified teachers and people with professional experience in the subjects they teach.  They continue to join us semester after semester, offering our students excellent instruction.


Mentors   Mentors are vital volunteers in Hands of Hope and provide the direct contact with the participant.  The mentor meets with the participant on a regular basis, forging a friendship and relationship.  This is a an important role in the life of the participant. 


Prayer Team   Prayer is foundational in Hands of Hope.  Members pray regularly and faithfully for the ministry and for individual needs submitted to the prayer team.


Food Providers  With the wonderful assistance of many  local churches touched by this ministry our students leave each class day having had an excellent meal provided as a gift of love along with any leftovers to take home. For some we know it is their main food supply while here at school. If this need touches your heart, please join us by helping in the kitchen and/or providing a meal. Call our number 512-618-0723 or email us if you feel you'd like to reach out with a hand of hope!


Transportation  Getting students with transportation needs to class on time each day is a real ministry for those who assist with transportation.  Those who volunteer in this area of the ministry are invaluable to the success of many of our students